Mobilising the
next generation

of change-makers

Our mission is to help young people from all corners realise their change-making potential; take action on the climate crisis; and become custodians of a future by their own design. 


Why we exist

Young people around the world want to make a difference but don't know where, or how, to start. Many feel powerless to create meaningful change. 

Having worked with thousands of students, ages 11 - 24, we understand the barriers that keep them from fulfilling their potential. We've become the experts in ecophobia - and eco-anxiety. And we're wielding our knowledge to help young people step uprather than shut down, in the face of our planet's messiest problems. 

"In your facilitation, you invited us all to ‘think without limitation and envision our future world’. All too often our lives feel constricted by barriers, processes, legislation and more to weaken our resolve [...] You shine like a light and positive beacon in the challenge to remain resilient, show up with courage and retain clear-eyed optimism when the going is tough."

Kathryn Hodnett

Associate, Leaders' Quest

What we do


Thought leadership

Targeted campaigns

What keeps us from taking action on the issues we care about? Is climate crisis the opportunity of a generation? What could a better, brighter future look like? 

We're a knowledge hub at the junction of youth empowerment and the mobilisation of mindsets. We're here to drive forward the conversation and explore new territories in how we take on some of our planet's greatest challenges. 

On September 20, 4 million young people took to the streets in protest of global climate inaction. Yet on September 21, 4 million young people were left asking, "What now?"

Our in-person and online campaigns aim to inform, inspire and catalyse young people to take action on the issues they care about most deeply. We provide workshops in schools, lectures at universities, and speak at a host of events. We also have a distributed media channel in the works.

Plenty of companies want to engage young change-makers in a way that goes beyond tokenism. And we believe that the magic happens when we bring together the energy of youth with the knowledge of experience. 

Through strategic consulting, we help purpose-driven companies rally young people to their missions and create better spaces for intergenerational exchange


Our in-school programmes

We run workshops across the UK to help students shift from passive to active agents of change.

By the end of a 90-minute session, students report: 

  • Heightened emotional resilience in the face of climate change,

  • Clarity on how they can make the biggest difference while developing individual skills and strengths, and 

  • A greater sense of confidence and self-determination. 

ARRIVING 04/06/2020



Anxious that the future will be a dystopian blockbuster? Know the solution is bigger than buying another reusable coffee cup? Want to make a difference but don’t know where to start?

This is your crash course in becoming
a Force of Nature.

February highlight

From anxiety to agency: stepping up, rather than shutting down, in the face of the climate change crisis

In this podcast, Force of Nature founder Clover Hogan talks with Caroline Hickman about how depth psychology transformed her approach to her activism; from creating space for despair and optimism, to understanding how narratives in society define our ability to inspire change.

Clover's work has taken her from researching eco-anxiety in students, and helping them find purpose at the junction of passion and pain - to working with Wall Street bankers to become aware of their own denial and defensive mechanisms. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 9.17.45 pm.png


A friend recently told me, 'Young people know what they’re angry about before they know who they are.' What if we were to listen?


Imagine a world where we stopped asking our youngest and brightest to pick ‘convenient’ careers - and started asking them which challenges they wish to solve.”

Clover Hogan 


Force of Nature 

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